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Save the Date!

So I guess I should start this post with a bit of news, last September I got engaged! Aside from a massive list of never ending tasks you have to do for to plan a wedding, one of the things I’ve been looking forward to is the invitations, and everything that goes with it. I’ve [...]


This site has been a work in progress for so long i think i first mentioned i was updating this site in 2009. 3 years ago! I’ve looked into redeveloping this site quite a lot before, usually ending up in doing the design and half of the build, then being distracted by a marvel film [...]

Mass removing spam wordpress users

Shock horror, an actual post! I’ve been slowly (very, very slowly) redoing this blog now on and off for ages. Nearly finished, it was time for a clear up of old content/spam etc etc. first place i went was to the spam users. I had 1582. No way am i clearing that up 20 by [...]